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Why free online plagiarism checker in the UK so popular

Plagiarism is an intolerable act in the digital community. Every reputable person and company is trying to avoid plagiarism. The Internet has made it easier for a person to copy someone's' work and later submit it as own work. Copying the internet content and presenting it as own work is unethical. Many articles have been uploaded and published on the internet.

Colleges and universities are aware of the presence of many contents on the internet. Professors have looked for a mechanism to identify copied papers submitted to them. They use online tools to check and identify copied content. This tools will highlight the copied content. Once the examiner gets to know you have copied, he or she will give you a low grade. Students are encouraged to check their content for plagiarism before handing over to the professors.

On workplaces, some employees when given some tasks they copy everything from the internet. Many people instead of doing research are copying data of other studies on the internet. The company uses the presented data to make decisions. The company makes a wrong decision. The company starts to fall. If the study was to identify customers’ preference on a given product, the company ends up improving on things of low impact to customers. The company ends up making losses. Many companies are now using free online plagiarism checker in the UK.

List of the top reasons why Edubirdie UK plagiarism checker is the most used plagiarism checker tool

1. It is completely free

Edubirdie UK plagiarism checker is free for everyone. You're not expected to make any subscription. Unlike in many sites where you're given a one-month free service, Edubirdie UK offers this service free.

2. User-friendly

To use this tool

1. Go to https://edubirdie.com/plagiarism-checker.

2. Paste your content on the textbox.


3. Customer support

In case of difficulties in using this tool, despite it being free you're provided with a 24 hours customer support at no cost. Reach Edubirdie customer support team at https://edubirdie.com/write-to-support

4. It supports several writing formats

It can be used with Word, Google docs, Scrivener and other writing applications. All you need is to drag and drop the file in the provided textbox.

5. It is safe

Edubirdie guarantees you top privacy. It is like sending private emails. Your content is safe, no one can access it. Up to now, no client has ever complained of information leaking through our hands.

6. Multi-purpose

You can also use the tool to improve your grammar and other language flaws. When checking for copied texts, the tools will also highlight texts that aren't grammatically correct.

7. It is a web-based tool

Being a web-based tool, it is not only available for desktop users but also for smartphone users. No matter the platform or device you're working on, provided you have an internet connection you're liable to use these services.