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5 Reasons to Start Self-Education Today

Independent study, while requiring considerable commitment, is a proven path towards increased self-actualization and purposeful living. The ability to continuously expand your mind not only brings happiness, but it is increasingly important in the modern society where employment opportunities continuously demand new job skills. Those are just a few reasons why you should start self-education today. If you’re not yet convinced, here are 5 more reasons to motivate you into picking up self-study today.

You Choose Your Difficulty Level

The beauty of self-learning is you get to choose your own path. That means you don’t have to battle with tight assignment deadlines, the anxiety of looming tests, or even walking through the motions of attending a lecture. With self-learning, you’re in control of your academic schedule. You get to choose when you learn and when you don’t feel like it, you can do other things.

While it might require considerable mental stamina to come up with a self-learning plan and even more mental discipline to stick to the plan, some of the greatest minds in history were developed through self-learning. The famous Indian mathematician, Srinivasa Ramanujan was self-taught. He worked through textbooks after exhausting the knowledge of his teachers, and in this great odyssey, he was able to advance the areas of fractions and infinite series, which are substantial mathematical achievements on themselves. The mathematician, however, never missed out of life’s joy in his journey. He spent most of his time socializing and speaking to people which goes to show that self-learning is perhaps the best way to get an education.

Continuous Learning

There’s no limit to learning. A high-school diploma, a college degree, or even a doctorate are not the outer limits of learning. Learning never ends. It is a continuous journey of discovery, developments, and breakthroughs. This is one of the joys autodidacts enjoy and formal education denies a student.

Through self-learning, you gain knowledge almost on a daily basis, and the beauty of it is, you don’t have to exert all of your mental energy while doing it. If you need assignment help on a particular subject you can find someone to help you out, which allows you to further develop your knowledge in the subject instead of spending countless hours working through a single problem. With help, you get added motivation to pursue a subject deeply, increasing your understanding.

New Perspectives

It’s only through self-learning that you get a new perspective on a subject. With a new perspective, you get a tremendous advantage over formal and often rigid education. Gaining new knowledge through self-education adds to your problem-solving arsenal. You can use knowledge from different fields to solve a problem at work or in your life. With formal education, you only get a narrow perspective on a subject, which impairs your problem-solving skills. Self-learning gives you broader perspectives that you can use to counter any situation you come across.

These are just some of the benefits you enjoy when you walk down the self-learning path. With discipline, you can expand your mind’s horizon and accomplish truly great things.